Rosi was an avid young reader. Now she writes fiction for kids the same age!


Rosi writes mostly for children, but occasionally for adults. Her work has appeared in Highlights, High Five, and Humpty Dumpty magazines, as well as online and in several anthologies. She writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Several of her pieces have won contests. She regularly write book reviews for San Francisco and Manhattan Book Reviews and on her blog here at RosiHollinbeck.com.

Mason likes to hang out on the arm of the sofa.



Rosi lives in Northern California very near one of her daughters and two of her grandchildren, and visits her other children as often as she can. When not writing, she loves to cook up family dinners, help the grandkids with their homework, take adventurously epic road trips, and go on sunset walks with her darling dog, Mason.