Rosi’s writing has been featured in the following publications:

Novel Excerpt from The Incredible Journey of Freddy J.

Noyo River Review, 2018

Noyo River Review





Jack Grants a Wish

High Five March 2018High Five March 2018



Too Little Lucy

Humpty Dumpty Sept:Oct 2018Humpty Dumpty September/October 2017




I Want to Move

Highllights January 2017High Five January 2017
(action rhyme)




Lucky Duck

Highllights December 2015Highlights December 2015
awarded Pewter Plate for Author of the Month






Watch Us Move

High Five January 2015

High Five January 2015
(action rhyme)





Feel the Beat

Highl Five July 2013

High Five July 2013
(action rhyme)
awarded Pewter Plate for Action Rhyme of the Year




A Princess Who Can Tune an Engine

Highlights March 2013Highlights March 2013



Christmas Without Snow

Miracle Under the Christmas TreeA Miracle Under the Christmas Tree
Harlequin, Ontario




Autumn Tanka

TLD 2014-2015The Best of Today’s Little Ditty 2014-2015




Deep in the Forest

TLD 2016The Best of Today’s Little Ditty 2016




The Monster Harry Brown

50 Funny Poems for Children50 Funny Poems for Children
Thanks Publishing, London




Together Again for the First Time
available to read at: