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Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub — Review

Thought for the Day:

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”~Hans Hofmann, painter~
Some Gifts for My Writer Friends:
I have been working on a collection of poems lately and find that writing poetry often inspires me to write other things as well. One of the nicest poetry blogs around is by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, author of one of my favorite collections, Forest Has a Song. You can check out her blog by clicking HERE
Carol Federlin Baldwin has a fascinating post HERE on writing from two points of view.
Nancy Sanders always has something about writing, mostly picture books or early readers, on her blog. The link HERE will take you to a post she did on non-fiction picture book words counts. If you write for the younger set, you might want to peruse her archives. 
Last week for Perfect Picture Book Friday, I was able, through the generosity of  Nancy Bo Flood, to offer an autographed copy of The Hogan That Great-Grandfather Built. (I just realized I added Great-Grandfather’s name Jack to the title on my blog!! Yikes!! My face is soooooo red. So sorry, Nancy.) Anyway, I think I had more responses than I’ve ever had before and got some new subscribers and followers. Congratulations go out to Joanne Roberts, our winner this time. (WooHoo, Joanne!!) Joanne is a children’s book illustrator and, it looks like to me, a writer as well. If you go to her blog by clicking HERE, you will see a very cute fractured fairy tale she wrote for Susanna Leonard Hill’s contest. Joanne, I will be in touch.

This week for Perfect Picture Book Friday (thanks Susanna Leonard Hill!) I am reviewing an e-book. I don’t often read e-books. I have a Kindle, but am a true Luddite, and I also love the feel and smell of paper books. This book is also available as a printed book. But I received an e-book copy of Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub, and I couldn’t help myself. I mean, once I saw the cover, I had to read this gorgeous book.

Illustrator: Kitty Harvill
Publisher: Mims House
Intended Audience: 4 – 8
Date: January 2014
Topics: Conservation, endangered species, co-existing with wildlife
Opening: “In the far south, in Brazil, a puma cub was born in the early spring month of October 2012. The cub and its mother lived too close to people, in sight of skyscrapers. It was a dangerous place to live.

This is a lovely, gentle story that will fascinate youngsters. Many children recognize we are sharing our homes with wild creatures. In our neighborhood, we are visited by wild turkeys, skunks, rattlesnakes, raccoons, and other creatures who wonder why we have built and planted and fenced what used to be their homes. We live in a fairly densely populated suburb. I have friends who live in cities and have much the same experience. But there are wildlife corridors and green spaces being saved. It is in that kind of place Abayomi was born. His mother finds hunting difficult, the game she usually hunts is scarce. She has little choice to take what she can so she and Abayomi can survive. When she takes some chickens, the farmer sets a trap and the mother puma is caught and dies. Abayomi is left in the wild. The story of what happens to Abayomi and the people who work hard to not only save him, but to

Darcy Pattison

keep him able to survive in the wild is heartwarming and educational. Darcy Pattison has written a compelling story. The watercolor paintings that illustrate this book are glorious. Kitty Harvill is an extraordinary talent, and little ones who cannot read will probably spend a lot of extra time just savoring the beautiful art. 

The back of the book has additional information on Abayomi, Our Urban World, the Corridor Projects, and some suggested additional readings. Some of the links included are:
Kitty Harvill
Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF)/Asian Elephant Research and
Conservation: http://www.asiannature.org
The Cougar Network: http://www.cougarnet.org
This really is a Perfect Picture Book, especially with the new emphasis in the Common Core on non-fiction, but honestly, non-fiction is something kids just eat up. Make sure you check Susanna Leondard Hill’s blog by clicking HERE for more Perfect Picture Books this lovely Friday. Sorry I don’t have a giveaway for you this week, but be sure to check back next week. I have another fabulous picture book and will have a giveaway for you then.


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