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Halloweensie Special Edition

This is a special edition of The Write Stuff. Every year, writer and teacher Susanna Leonard Hill runs a Halloween writing contest on her blog, and every year I mean to enter but never seem to get my little story done on time. She calls the contest the Halloweensie Contest “because it’s not very long and it’s for little people.” The story must be under 100 words not including the title, contain the words “dark,” “haunt,” and “costume,” or some form of those words, and can be rhymed or not. Then we are to post our entry on our blogs and post the link on her blog. It’s fun and there is still time to enter. Check out Susanna’s blog HERE. So this year, with fingers firmly crossed, I am entering my own little rhyming story, The Halloweensie Party. (93 words) I hope you enjoy it.

The Halloweensie Party

Little witches dance and sing.
Around them darkest bats take wing.
Their cauldron sits on crackling flames.
The little witches chant some names.
“Oscar, Wilma, Hank, and Jean,
come join us for Halloween!
Costumes can be fun or scary —
pirate, ghost, or glittered fairy,
mummy, bear, or wolverine —
all of them are pretty keen.
We’ll bob for apples, sing some songs,
dance until we hear twelve gongs.
Midnight calls all monsters home.
No more will the creatures roam 
or haunt the night for one more year.
Naught ‘til then for you to fear.”

For some reason, two notices did NOT go out this week and there is another post with the usual review and giveaway. Please check it out HERE.

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