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One True Way — Review & Giveaway

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“Anyone who says he wants to be a writer and isn’t writing, doesn’t.”

~ Ernest Hemingway ~

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I haven’t seen anything on this topic before — writer envy. I know I suffer from this sometimes. Anyway, check the article out HERE from The Writer Magazine.

We hear over and over how very important the first page or even the first paragraph is in selling a book. HERE John Fox tells you lots of ways to make it happen in the first paragraph.

The Manuscript Shredder has a printable revision list HERE. You’re welcome.

Last week I offered a gently-read copy of Around the World in 50 Ways to one of you. This week’s winner is Danielle Hammelef who always shares my link for extra chances. I really appreciate that sharing, and the extra chances seem to work. Congratulations, Danielle. I will get your book out soon. I do have another giveaway, so everyone keep reading!

When I heard that Shannon Hitchcock had a new book coming out, I knew I wanted to read it. I loved her earlier books — The Ballad of Jessie Pearl and Ruby Lee & Me — so I asked the folks at Seattle Book Review to get a copy for me. The book came out in February, but they still haven’t published my review. I’m sure it will be up soon, but I can’t wait any more to tell you about this marvelous book. The new book is One True Way, and here is the review I wrote for them.

One True WayAfter Allie’s brother died in a car accident, her parents’ marriage imploded, and now Allie is in a new town with only her mom. It is never easy to be the new kid at middle school, so when Allie meets Sam the first day, she realizes she’s lucky being befriended by someone who knows everyone and seems universally liked. Knowing Sam makes everything easier, and soon Allie realizes she more than likes this girl. Allie, the newest reporter on the school paper, has a chance to meet many people at school and comes to know that others in this small town are also gay, and not everyone accepts that way of life.

Author Shannon Hitchcock takes on a very difficult subject, one that is seldom approached in middle-grade fiction but is so important. Setting the story in a small southern town in the 1970s allows Hitchcock to deftly shine a light on the growth and influence of mega-churches juxtaposed with difficulties faced by members of the LGBTQ community. This is a great lesson about the importance of inclusion and equality for all. The writing is spectacular and the voice pitch-perfect. This book deserves readership beyond middle-graders.

Shannon Hitchcock

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18 thoughts on “One True Way — Review & Giveaway”

  1. One True Way had so many great historical details. The comb in the back pocket! I was exactly the characters’ ages in 1977, so I loved it. It was a choice for our 8th grade core novels, and over half of the students picked it! I think we had to order 144 copies, which made me very happy.


  2. Thanks for the links once again. They were especially as I am always looking for the perfect beginning and always revising. I’d heard of this title but din’t know much about it. I’ve added it to my growing list and hope to get to it this summer. Such an important topic!


  3. This is another book for me to read–I just finished Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World with a similar character. This is an important book and I’m glad to see more books out there for girls to read that are in the middle grade age range when girls start to wonder who they are and their place in the world. I shared your post on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr.


  4. That was a very interesting time period. I knew a lot of individuals who were gay as I worked in summer theater. It seemed like more men came out than women. I only heard rumors about women I worked with at other jobs, but they were quiet. This would be an interesting read.


  5. I remember moving to a new state when I was an early teen. The culture of this school was completely alien to me. I can sympathize with this character who was also trying to understand her sexual feelings. Thanks for offering another wonderful book, Rosi!


  6. This does sound like a wonderful and very important book, Rosi. Since I recently won a book, please skip my name in the drawing again.


  7. Holy cannollis this sounds awesome? There are very few books with LGBTQ+ themes out there for younger audiences. I’m glad this book is taking that step in the right direction! I will have to check it out. (Count me out of the giveaway, I’ll let someone else win) 🙂


  8. One True Way sounds like an interesting story that will help middle grade kids in making their decisions. Thanks for telling us about it. I hadn’t heard of it.


  9. How wonderful! My 4th graders Skyped with Shannon on World Read Aloud Day. Since then Ruby Lee and Me has been checked out of our library. 🙂 This sounds like another winner. Thanks for the review and best of luck to Shannon!


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